Graveyard World

Magicami and Arvahnt are joined by Humble Hank, a local thief, and accept a request by Mayor Eclectus to enter a nearby crypt in order to ask his dead father a simple question.

Lead astray by Hank, who has been coveting a treasure he has heard exists in the nearby ruins, the party diverts their journey and bumps into Doug the Chimeramancer, a hapless wizard who is immediately charmed by Magicami.

Doug leads the party to a great ziggurat, but they are not alone – a number of powerful wizards have also made their way to the ziggurat in search of the treasure, revealed to be the powerful Abyssal Crown.

During the intense battle, Magicami, struggling with Doug, steals and in desperation activates the Staff of Visceral Integration. When he comes to, he has merged with Doug, into a horrible, two headed beast. Charming his second head into submission, Magicami rejoins the fray, only to be forced to use the staff again against the advancing Crowlord. When he comes to, he has merged with the Crowlord, a horrifying three headed monstrosity that can fire crows from it’s chest.

Magicami uses a polymorph spell to disguise his horrifying exterior, and rejoins the party as they enter the now open zuggurat. Defeating the guardians of the temple, Hank immediately dons the Abyssal Crown, which burrows bolts into his head, fusing with him. As Hank screams, Magicami’s spell wears off, revealing his extra two heads, which scream.

The staff of Visceral Integration immediately responds to the presence of the Crown, and while Arvahnt flees, not looking back, Magicami and Hank are pulled together into a seething, ever growing mass of eyes, teeth, and flesh.



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