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Amidst the swirling chaos of the Outer Reaches, there exist only a few connected points of peace and security – the cities of the the Lodestone Network.

This is a record of the paths trod and places visited by those few individuals who are brave or foolish enough to step out of these few safe harbours and travel the chaos, to battle great evil and to parley with the gods.

Espis Campaign

Twenty years after the disappearance of Highhaven, the newly resettled realm of Espis is slowly trying to regain its former glory

Player Characters:
Varyk Udun’thal
Urllexin Thhuqhith
Kharl Kathvishargolin
Lorna Sylv
Dakarai Jelani

Espis Chapter 1: The Goblin Ambush
Espis Chapter 2: Arrival in Phandalin
Espis Chapter 3: Into the Laventius Estate
Espis Chapter 4: Glasstaff
Espis Chapter 5: Arborox
Espis Chapter 6: Cragmaw Castle
Espis Chapter 6.5: Isle Rhob
Espis Chapter 7: Escape from Cragmaw Castle
Espis Chapter 8: The Highhaven Spellforge
Espis Chapter 9: The Black Spider
Espis Chapter 10: The White Iron Company
Espis Chapter 11: The Siege of the Spellforge
Espis Chapter 12: To Solitude
Espis Chapter 13: I Love Wizard School
Espis Chapter 14: The Three Seals
Espis Chapter 15: Portal Shenanigans
Espis Chapter 16: The Weasley Child
Espis Chapter 17: The Meat Centrifuge of Kathud-Ra
Espis Chapter 18: Tensions, Confrontations, Rebellion
Espis Chapter 19: Solitude
Espis Chapter 20: The Crystal Spire
Espis Chapter 21: The Sand Curse
Espis Chapter 22: Setting Sail
Espis Chapter 23: The Mirror
Espis Chapter 24: Eat, Pray, Love
Espis Chapter 25: Heart of the Island
Espis Chapter 26: The Beast Coast
Espis Chapter 27: Old Castien
Espis Chapter 28: The Drowned Tower
Espis Chapter 29: The Hydra
Espis Chapter 30: Into the Underdark
Espis Chapter 31: Lightbringer
Espis Chapter 32: Coral, Caldra, and Gurgle
Espis Chapter 33: Daylight
Espis Chapter 34: Plans
Espis Chapter 35: Storm Of Vengeance
Espis Chapter 36: Meet the Crew

The Sands of the First Sin Campaign

Three adventures make their way through the ruins of old empire at the edge of Aria’s Vigil

Player Characters:
Orgmo Scrotbart v2

The Sands of the First Sin Chapter 1: The Ifrit

Highhaven-In-Solitude Campaign

The walled city of Highhaven has mysteriously teleported from it’s home in Epsis to the icy realm known as Solitude

Player Characters:
Hudson Abadeir
Humble Hank

Highhaven-in-Solitude Chapter 1: Two Men Fall From the Sky, Ruining Everything For Everyone
Highhaven-in-Solitude Chapter 2: All Problems Can Be Solved Permanently By Killing Gods With Almost No Provication

Arkenreln Campaign

A marauding wall of flesh advancing on the city of Overcairn brings together an unlikely group of adventurers, who must band together to face a newly awakened evil

Player Characters:
Atrius Lammergeier

Arkenreln Chapter 1: Wall of Flesh
Arkenreln Chapter 2: Planting the Seed
Arkenreln Chapter 3: Library of the Bloody God
Arkenreln Chapter 4: Rebinding the Book of Laws
Arkenreln Chapter 5: Returning to Overcairn
Arkenreln Chapter 6: Retaking Overcairn
Arkenreln Aftermath

Introductory Campaign

In a small town at the edge of civilisation, the carefree wanderer Arvahnt has fallen in with a bad crowd, kicking off a series of events that will change the world forever

Player Characters:
Humble Hank

Prologue Part 1: Shadows in Gallowdale
Prologue Part 2: A Horrifying Magical Tragedy


Graveyard World

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