Xaviara, the Iron that Binds, was a powerful deity from ages past, before the lodestone network, when early humanoid tribes would sacrifice slaves each morning in order to keep cities and civilisations connected.

In the age of magic, at the height of the Locus Magi’s power, Xaviara’s power was eventually bound into a series of iron artifacts, including the Abyssal Crown.

The crown was eventually claimed by Humble Hank, who was almost consumed by it. After Hank was freed of the crowns influence by the Prophet Recrentius, he travelled to Ascension and killed the physical form of the weakened Xaviara.

Though her physical body is gone, echoes of the god can always be found in places where blood and iron are present (such as prisons and battlefields), and the artifacts that originally bound the god still hold powerful aspects of her.

Though her presence is almost non-existent, in times when cities are lost to the chaos, people turn back to Xaviara, calling on her in desperation to hold their societies together, although it rarely leads to anything but pain.


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