The people of The Nameless Forest are a mix of human and elven races (usually both). They are known by outsiders as “Vyln” but they don’t have a name for themselves as they can tell innately tell who is an outsider and who isn’t. They lead primarily solitary lives, choosing to be one with nature rather than living in a tribal manner. Children are kept with a parent only until they can survive alone, which is often as young as 7 or 8.

There is no law enforcement, or, for that matter, laws. Vyln do as they wish without fear of consequences, however, possibly as a result of their closeness with nature, it is not often that a person turns bad. It has been theorised that for a Vyln to become bad, they have to turn their back on Nature, and this puts them at a disadvantage in forest combat, and if they attempt to attack they will likely be killed first. Usually though, Vyln who lose touch with nature just move out and live the towns and cities to the North.

Those who stay have an allegiance to each other and a distrust of outsiders. If a Vyln became sick, another would likely drop off supplies until they were well enough to sustain themselves. This assistance is not guaranteed, does not extend indefinitely, and is not a contract. At any time, the provider can choose to walk away, in which case another might step in to help, or the Vyln in need would have to fend for themselves. Additionally, it would be very rare for two Vyln to cohabitate. Conversation is not comfortable for the Vyln and if forced into each other’s company they usually only talk as much as absolutely necessary.

While the Vyln are a peaceful species, their predilection for meat means they are usually incredibly skilled with whatever weapon they use for hunting – usually a bow, spear, or knife. They have a reputation for being ruthless where they view it necessary, but aren’t likely to lift a finger to help a cause they don’t believe in. They are also known for being trustworthy and honest, but often uncooperative.


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