The Portal City of Overcairn

A squat, dirty city built atop the ruins of a great one. Originally five separate keeps built by five different tribes, the city gradually amalgamated together as the discovery of dangerous but lucrative Negative Magical Energy began to drive trade with other portal cities.

Overcairn takes its name from the warren of ancient burial sites below it. a feature that draws adventurers and scholars to the city, eager to plunder the tombs below for gold, artifacts and knowledge. Due to taxes on these items, a black market of magical goods had deep roots in the city, though it was thrown into chaos by the planting of the The Tantail Tree and the destruction of most of the smuggling routes through the undercity.

The Battle of Overcairn

A few decades ago, the city was besieged by the forces of great lich Cherintanos, in an effort to capture the lodestone portal and use its power to convert the entire population of Arkenreln into an undead army. In the chaos of the invasion, The Great Prophet Recrentius took command of Overcairn’s armies and forged them into a zealous force loyal only to the God Of Bloody Light.

Though the details of the conflict have never quite been established, one thing is certain: after the defeat of Cherintanos, Recrentius declared the start of a new Age, and claimed Overcairn for the God Of Bloody Light.

The Portal City of Overcairn

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