The Portal City of Highhaven

A beautiful, terraced city perched atop a rocky outcrop. Originally a teleporting fortress, built in ages past by the Locus Magi to extend their domain into new territory.

In Epsis
Epsis was a fertile land, exporting huge amounts of food and importing luxury items from other places in the lodestone network. Highhaven was run by a council, the members of which all control holdings in the outer farmlands. The city contained a diverse range of halflings, humans and dwarves. In the years since the crumbling of the old order, the city has forgotten it’s original function and settled into a new role as a pleasant tourist city in the realm of Epsis. High walls had been torn down and replaced by gardens and markets, overlooking the land below.

In Solitude
After being unexpectedly teleported into an icy wasteland by the wizard Jaitus Kalo (in pursuit of two mortals, Humble Hank and Magicami), Highhaven found itself isolated from the rest of the lodestone network, with no clear idea of what had happened or why. Surrounded by ice and cut off from food and other goods, the city seemed doomed, until Kalo was found and stopped by Hudson Abadeir.

With Kalo banished (with the help of the aforementioned Hank and Magicami), Highhavens lodestone portal began to work once more, although the city’s teleportation capabilities were left either broken or dormant. The city would have been left a gutted shell were it not for the The Aurora Scandere, a potent magical force that drew hundreds of scholars to the icy fortress, founding Highhaven University in the old royal compound.

The Portal City of Highhaven

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