The Nameless Forest

The Nameless Forest, also known as The Forest, and The Southern Forest is a large uninterrupted swathe of forests swirling in the Outer Reaches, watched over and defended by the great protector Arvahnt.

Though previously bound to The Portal City of Overcairn, following the invasion of Cherintanos and the rise of The God Of Bloody Light, Arvahnt used her powers to sever the forests ties to Arkenreln and return it to the Outer Reaches, away from the war and chaos of civilisation.

The forest is not actually nameless. Those who see the forest as their home both know the name and use it, but the name is not known outside this region. This is not because it is a secret, or because no outsider has been told, but because the word slips quickly from the mind of those who were not brought up with it. This has resulted in the misnomer “The Nameless Forest”.

The Forest (and specifically The Gnarl) is where Nink the Ferret (God) of Healing and Restoration resides.

The Forest is incredibly ancient, and has changed very little in thousands of years. The only people who inhabit the area are Vyln and their isolation from each other keeps their population in check. Because they only take exactly what they need from The Forest, the populations of flora and fauna haven’t changed either.

The last major disruption in The Forest was many hundreds of years ago, when a nearby city attempted to industrialise and use resources from The Forest to fuel their factories. For the only time in recorded history, the Vyln organised themselves and sabotaged the attempts, both by setting traps in the forest, and by shooting any outsider who attempted to touch a tree. Their knowledge of The Forest and the camouflage that they wear made them almost untouchable by the city’s officials, who were forced to cede and promise to never touch The Forest again. In order to retain morale the city officials spread the word that The Forest People were savage “villians” who weren’t worth their time and energy. The word was passed down long after the events had been completely forgotten, and in the present day, all outsiders know the forest dwellers as “vyln”, but with none of the original meanings attached.

Life in The Forest is not overly inhospitable, but is not without dangers. Food is abundant if you know where to look, but easy to make mistakes often mark the end of foreigners in the land. Because The Forest doesn’t grow fruit (or at least, fruit that would be recognised by someone from outside the region), most locals live primarily off meat. There are some flowers and berries that are coveted, but they are too rare to live off completely and the Vyln don’t have agriculture. Even without meat, carefully selected vegetation will provide enough to live on, but are generally considered tasteless and few live this way. Mammals and birds are plentiful, while reptiles and invertebrates are are much rarer (although not unheard of).

The Nameless Forest

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