The Beast Coast

West of Highhaven, this coast was a twisting, gorgeous mess of cliffs, beaches and high trees, home to many races who lived on the bounties of the place where the wild sea met the untamed land.

Nowadays the sea is fished under rigid order, under the control of the Alu Tel elves, and much of the catch is shipped to human lands for coin, while most of the rest is distributed to the elven settlements.

Few of the original inhabitants remain, where there is space left for them between the elves’ ridiculous vast cornfields and carefully tended artificial-looking copses of imported trees from somewhere across the seas.

Many of the peoples who used to live around here, such as the goblins and kobolds, have fled completely or been killed, the elves having found them unsuitable for their particular brand of civilisation.

Now only hired dwarves mine the caves across the coast, operating under the watchful eye of the richest of the elves, who keep the artifacts unearthed to themselves in their mansions on the hills or the bays.

This place once truly was the coast of beasts, and those beasts were not, as many of the humans think, the goblins and orcs – they were truly vast leviathans and land-walkers, bones the size of buildings, shaking the rocks and earth and seafloor of the coast into the strange configuration that now grows such an abundance of wildlife.

The Beast Coast

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