Symbol of the Crossroads

A badge emblazoned with the symbol of the Crossroad Knights, this badge is handed to all those who enter into the order.

As well as identifying the wearer as a person of strength and virtue, those who wear the Symbol of the Crossroads are all connected to one another, as long as the group are within line of sight of one another. These badges allow the Crossroad Knights to travel deep into the Outer Reaches safely, and aid in their calling to rediscover and resettle long lost settlements.

By succeeding at a DC10 wisdom check, the wearer is able to communicate a word or image wordlessly to any others who wear the badge within line of sight.

Additionally, as a free action after being hit with an attack, one who wears the badge is able to redistribute the damage of the attack as evenly as possible amongst all members of the party who are both within 10 feet and at least one level higher than the character who was hit. The character who was hit must take at least as much damage as their constitution modifier, to a minimum of 1 damage.

For example, if a Level 1 character with +2 Constitution is travelling with a group of 3 Level 2 adventurers, and is hit for 10 points of damage, the Level 1 character can choose to take 3 points of the damage, and split the rest of the damage amongst the Level 2 characters (3, 2, 2), however they see fit.

Symbol of the Crossroads

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