Phandalin is a human village located southeast of New Haven, which has recently been reclaimed following the resettling of Espis by the Crossroad Knights.

Phandalin has become a frontier settlement of farmers and prospectors looking for relics of the old Espis. After the death of Harbin Wester, the town is run by an elected Townmaster named Halia Thornton, founder of the Miner’s exchange.

In the days before the collapse of Espis, Phandalin was the ancestral home of Duke Laventius, and the mansion has fallen into disrepair, and nobody knows what happened to the Duke.

Places of note

Alderleaf Farm; a large farm run by the halfling, Qelline Alderleaf.
Barthen’s Provisions; largest trading post in Phandalin, run by Elmar Barthen.
Edermath Orchard; an apple orchard owned by ex-adventurere, Daran Edermath.
Lionshield Coster; an outlet for the Lionshield company from Yartar.
Phandalin Miner’s Exchange; a guildhall for prospectors and miners, run by Halia Thornton.
Shrine of Luck; maintained by the elf cleric Sister Garaele of Tymora
The Sleeping Giant; a run-down tap house on the edge of town.
Stonehill Inn; the only inn in Phandalin.
Townmaster’s Hall; a sturdy hall where the townmaster, Harbin Wester governs from.
The Laventius Estate; former ancestral home of the Laventius family.


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