Nink - Ferret (God) of Healing and Restoration

Nink is the Ferret (God) of Healing and Restoration. The physical form she takes is that of a giant ferret. Few have encountered her, as she will only appear to those she chooses to.

She lives in a part of The Nameless Forest known as The Gnarl, which is a glade surrounded by knotted trees. It is known to be mystical by the Vyln who have long been aware that depending on things beyond their knowledge, The Gnarl can look both exceptionally beautiful and peaceful, or dangerous and scary.

Nink uses The Gnarl as an extension of her physical form as she considers it the appropriate context to be in during conversations with mortals, much as Kings of distant lands have had men carry them around on thrones or in carriages.

The Gnarl moves around the forest at Nink’s will, allowing her to appear to people who would not otherwise seek her presence. The Vyln always know where it is although its’ enchantment means that they don’t notice it move around, and therefore think of The Gnarl as the place where Nink lives, rather than Nink herself.

Nink’s primary interests are in maintaining the balance and peace within The Nameless Forest, however recent atrocities that have occured in the greater landscape have extended her scope.

Nink - Ferret (God) of Healing and Restoration

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