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A fertile landscape wounded by a great calamity, this splintered land has only recently recently begun to heal

The Portal City of New Haven

Harker Canyon
The Mining Town of Phandalin
– The Laventius Estate

Cragmaw Castle
Old Owl Well

The Lost Settlement of Arborox

The Highhaven Spellforge

The Scar
Agatha’s Wood
The Saltwater Marsh
– The Sacred Grove


A young settlement built atop ancient bones

The Portal City of Overcairn
– The Tantail Tree

The Town of Norge
The Negative Energy Mines

The Town of Gallowdale
The Valley of Tombs
The Fleshwaste


The mysteries of Solitude were buried in eternal ice, until a star fell from the sky

The Portal City of Highhaven-in-Solitude
The Ice Trench
Highhaven University

The Crystal Spire

The Aurora Scandere

The Dragon Isles

A treacherous but bountiful archipelago, home of the Baen’ak dragonborn

The Portal City of Perranala
Claw of the Deep
– Skypiercer Temple

Isle Kathvishargolin
Isle Rhob
– The Temple of Rhobsarendor

The Beast Coast

Bleached bones of long dead sea beasts pepper the coastline of this ancient place

The Portal City of Castien
– The Wizard of Wines Winery

Llegeqhtheba Thhuu (Beast Coast)

Orthaci Gagabedall (Orthac’s Jawbone)

Pillars of Aaqaar

Prismatic islands of coral hint at a vast undersea civilisation, tapering to precarious calciferous towers that worshipers of elemental air call home

The Portal City of Empire’s Gate
– The Sunken Quarter

Mother Pillar
– Aarakocra Monastery


An obsidian city of dwarves and demons, surrounded on all sides by a roiling sea of fire, the nexus of trade between the underdark and overworld

The Portal City of Mirrors, Karaad
– The Floating Gardens
– The Obsidian Rift
– The Black Maze

Tiu Tigir Zigil (The Hundred Spires)

The Outer Reaches

Chaotic and ever-shifting, the reaches are dangerous to traverse, even for those who know the ways

Library of the God of Bloody Light
Undermountain Sanctuary

The Cyclonic Horde

The Nameless Forest
– The Gnarl

The Maelstrom


Superimposed over the material plane, Ascension is the home of gods, magic, and other, crueler things

Temple of the Bloody Light
The Iron Citadel


The Lodestone Network
The Outer Reaches
Places of Power

Cultures and Organisations:

The Crossroad Knights
The Order of the Maelstrom

Alu Tel
The Druids of the Outer Reaches
– Rite of Passage
The Machine Druids
– Simon the Unnatural
Baen’ak Dragonborn

Wormwood, Fife and Vanderbourne, Independent Artificers
The White Iron Company

The Order of Bloody Light
The Locus Magi

Deities and Ascended Beings

Cherintanos – The Formless One, The Taker, The Reshaper
Jaitus Kalo – The Bane of Gods, The Giver of Gifts
Xaviara – The Iron that Binds
Kyuss – The Worm God

The God of Bloody Light
Deep Sashelas

Bakurus – Snow Leopard God of Speed and Ferocity
Nink – Ferret God of Healing and Restoration
Mesphyr – Chameleon God of Disguise and Deceit
Cephalon – Many-Armed God of the Deep

Rhobsarendor – Dragon Ancestor God
Sunne – Dragon Ancestor God
Marglebarble – Dragon Ancestor God


Abyssal Crown
Atlas of Arkenreln
Astral Tether
Book of Laws
Book of Those That Have Passed
Cloak of the Outer Reaches
Earthspeaker Ring
Flowering Bow
Grifter’s Gloves
Laventius’ Bane
Laventius’ Talon
Robe of Many Pockets
Staff of Visceral Integration
Symbol of the Crossroads
Velden Bow

Player Characters

In Espis:
Hudson Abadeir
Kharl Kathvishargolin

In Arkenreln:

In Solitude:

In The Outer Reaches:
Sacer the Irascible

Missing Or Dead:
Atrius Lammergeier

Noteworthy Individuals

In Arkenreln:
Merl the Enslaver

In Ascension:
Humble Hank

Missing or Dead:
The Crowlord
Doug the Chimeramancer
Duke Laventius

Creatures & Animals

In The Outer Reaches:

Custom Rules

Lifestyle Expenses

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