The product of many years of experimentation by the students of Jaitus Kalo, the Lastember rings allow those who wear them to absorb and store some of the magical essence of an enchanted object that they touch. Though imperfect, these rings symbolise the goal of the order – to place power in the hands of men, not gods.

Magic stored in this ring will only linger there a few days, and will be expended upon use, but can come from any source provided the wizard can touch it.

Magicami took one of these rings off the body of one of Kalo’s students while infiltrating his base beneath Highhaven.

Requires attunement. Once per day, on a wisdom check equal to 8 + the spells level OR as a reaction, on a successful save against a spell effect, you can absorb the energy of one spell and cast it as an action from this ring. You must cast or discard this spell before you can use the ring again.


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