The lammergeier of The Outer Reaches is a gigantic red bearded vulture. It nests in groups (or venues) but spends its days in solidarity, surveying the mountains from above and keeping an eye out for a fresh kill.

Like other vultures it is a scavenger, feeding mostly on the remains of dead animals. It usually disdains the actual meat, however, and lives on a diet mostly consisting of bone marrow. This is the only living bird species that specializes in feeding on marrow. The lammergeier can swallow whole or bite through brittle bones up to the size of a femur and its powerful digestive system quickly dissolves even large pieces.

They can fly with bones weighing nearly three times their own weight. After dropping the large bones, the bearded vulture spirals or glides down to inspect them and may repeat the act if the bone is not sufficiently cracked. This learned skill requires extensive practice by immature birds and takes up to seven years to master.

Larger, live prey has been known to be attacked by bearded vultures too. These animals have been killed by being surprised by the large birds and battered with wings or being picked up and thrown off the precipitous rocky edges to their deaths.


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