Graveyard World

Arkenreln Chapter 3: Library of the Bloody God

Having completed her task, as promised Arvahnt takes Recrentius to Nink, who tells them that if they want a new Book of Laws, they will need to travel to the Library of the God of Bloody Light, where a mighty press exists that will allow the book to be rebound.

The party travels out of Arkenreln and into the wilds, braving bad weather and fierce monsters, eventually making their way into the library, which has been corrupted by a powerful chaos druid, Azenkazahel, who is intent on the Book of Laws never being rebound.

Arkenreln Chapter 2: Planting the Seed

Atrius, Eilyac and Recrentius, celebrating at Filthy Brian’s in the days following the destruction of the wall of flesh, are approached by a stranger. She reveals herself to be Arvahnt, having returned to the city to fix the damage she witnessed Humble Hank and Magicami cause.

After witnessing the horror that befell the pair, Arvahnt had fled back to the forests of her youth looking for guidance. There, she stumbled upon Nink, the ferret God of healing and restoration. Nink took her as a Disciple, presenting her with the Velden Bow and a mystical seed before commanding her to return to Overcairn and purify the husk left by the wall of flesh.

After beseeching them to help her on her quest, Atrius, seeking to restore the balance of nature in the city, agrees to come. Recrentius is only convinced after Arvahnt promises to bring Recrentius to Nink, in the hope of finding a clue to the location of a new book.

The party travels underneath the city, fighting local bandits that make use of the tunnels, and eventually makes their way into an ancient flooded plaza, in the center of which is a petrified tree, their goal. Unfortunately, the ground is crawling with a hive of formians. Recrentius and Eilyac cause a distraction and lead the warriors away, while Arvahnt and Atrius make a run for the tree.

The tree is revealed to be protected by Mesphyr, the Chameleon God of Disguise and Deceit, and planting the seed causes her spirit to be revitalised.

As the tree grows, the party battles the formian queen, and in the culmination of that fight, the growing tree breaks through into daylight, and begins to reclaim and decompose the husk of the Wall of Flesh, becoming the Tantail Tree. In addition, the roots spread through the undercity, closing off the underground routes taken by slavers and thieves.

Oh, and I forgot to add, this whole time Eilyac was hauling around a massive carpet that he found because he was determined to sell it, regardless of how much irritation this caused.

Arkenreln Chapter 1: Wall of Flesh

Atrius and Eilyac, drinking at a local bar, are joined by the mysterious Paladin Recrentius, who has received visions of a horrifying event about to take place. Going outside, they see a city besieged by horrifying, gibbering flying crow monsters.

Travelling to the edge of the city, they see an oncoming wall of flesh of unknown origin. Recrentius’s God tells them that they need to enter the wall and destroy its core. With the help of some local mages, the group makes their way into creature, which is covered in thousands of faces, all calling themselves Doug.

After fighting their way through the guts of the creature, they find themselves in a ruined cathedral, which they realise is a area of Ascension. At the core of the temple, they find the ruined bodies of Magicami and Hank, bound together with the Staff of Visceral Integration and the Abyssal Crown. During the battle, Recrentius is delivered a mortal injury, and comes face-to-face with their god, the God Of Bloody Light. The god takes Recrentius’s book, but gives them life again, and tells them their true purpose – to rebind the Book of Laws and spread the word of God. Coming to, Recrentius knocks the crown from the head of the monstrosity, and the crown, staff, Magicami and Hank are pulled into the void, bound together and screaming for eternity.

The party escapes the crumbling flesh wall, which has already begun to rot and calcify.

Prologue Part 2: A Horrifying Magical Tragedy

Magicami and Arvahnt are joined by Humble Hank, a local thief, and accept a request by Mayor Eclectus to enter a nearby crypt in order to ask his dead father a simple question.

Lead astray by Hank, who has been coveting a treasure he has heard exists in the nearby ruins, the party diverts their journey and bumps into Doug the Chimeramancer, a hapless wizard who is immediately charmed by Magicami.

Doug leads the party to a great ziggurat, but they are not alone – a number of powerful wizards have also made their way to the ziggurat in search of the treasure, revealed to be the powerful Abyssal Crown.

During the intense battle, Magicami, struggling with Doug, steals and in desperation activates the Staff of Visceral Integration. When he comes to, he has merged with Doug, into a horrible, two headed beast. Charming his second head into submission, Magicami rejoins the fray, only to be forced to use the staff again against the advancing Crowlord. When he comes to, he has merged with the Crowlord, a horrifying three headed monstrosity that can fire crows from it’s chest.

Magicami uses a polymorph spell to disguise his horrifying exterior, and rejoins the party as they enter the now open zuggurat. Defeating the guardians of the temple, Hank immediately dons the Abyssal Crown, which burrows bolts into his head, fusing with him. As Hank screams, Magicami’s spell wears off, revealing his extra two heads, which scream.

The staff of Visceral Integration immediately responds to the presence of the Crown, and while Arvahnt flees, not looking back, Magicami and Hank are pulled together into a seething, ever growing mass of eyes, teeth, and flesh.

Prologue Part 1: Shadows in Gallowdale

After a successful day of conning rich travellers out of their money, Magicami set out to get good and drunk at a local dive bar. There, he befriended Arvahnt, a young Vyln who had just left The Nameless Forest for the first time.

Leaving the bar, the pair were cornered by a gang of thugs. After an ungainly getaway attempt that left them both tangled on the ground, Magicami charmed the gang leader, convincing him to lead them to his boss, the Shadow.

Upon entering the back-room of the Shadow’s base of operations, the ruse fell apart, the charmed thugs shaken to awareness. Upon realising the danger they were in Arvahnt decided to shoot first and ask questions later, killing Shadow and two of his men.

After a tense hostage negotiation, Magicami managed to the convince the last of the thugs to leave town, the pair staggered back to the inn, pausing only to loot the lockbox.


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