Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 17: The Meat Centrifuge of Kathud-Ra

After a brief rest, the party identifies that the room they are in contains a magical ward designed to repel abhorrent creatures. Urllex surmises that this is similar to the work of Dumica Kirk. Moving deeper into the cave, the party finally discovers the source of the homunculus plague – an imprisoned chunk of Doug, taken from the fleshwaste. The seal surrounding the creature had been pierced by the inquisitive student, and his body used as a way to begin Doug’s escape.

The party goes about the process of cutting away at the web of flesh extending out from the weasley husk, as the very walls of the cave start coming detaching and attacking the party. After a few well timed blasts of thunder by Urllex, Kharl runs forward and severs the connection between Doug and the boys husk, destroying the remaining monstrosities and resealing the prison.

While Doug continuously whispers to be freed, the party retreats beyond his sphere of influence with the boys husk in tow. Professor Ravencrow emerges from the cave entrance, overjoyed that she was 100% not responsible for any of this and that there wasn’t any need for an investigation. She also identifies the prison as Professor Kirks handiwork, and is bewildered by this turn of events.

Kirk appears, and reveals that she was keeping the creature a secret as part of a birthday surprise, a newly reassembled Meat Centrifuge of Kathud-Ra. Professor Ravencrow is overjoyed, and leaps into Kirks arms, thanking the party for repairing her broken marriage. Kirk responds with “we were fine.”

Taking the party in to the centrifuge, they find that although it is in need of repair, the mincer attached to it is working fine. They mince the weasley boys corpse, freeing his soul, which Crows traps in a jar. She then injects the newly freed soul into one of the remaining homunculi, as this would be cheaper than a proper resurrection, but after a moment of sentience and clarity the homunculus immediately throws itself straight back into the mincer. Crows agrees to pay for a proper resurrection, and hands over the seal of the House of Coins.

Setting serious, Kirk thanks Kharl for bringing her to her senses. Tells Crows that something bad is going on, has been going on for a while, and they might need to “accelerate their plan,” as Half-hand is turning against the faculty, but that there is still time to turn him to their cause, as he wears a slave mark, the same as them.

Impatient to keep adventuring, Kharl leaves, getting hopelessly lost in the sewers.

Kirk instructs the rest of the party to carry on with their plan and gather the remaining seals required to access the crystal spire. Ravencrow snaps her fingers, transmuting everyone else’s robes into prefect robes, giving them free reign of school.

The party returns to the dorms, collapsing in bed without telling anyone in the gathered throng of first years where the were. Kharl stumbles back after an epiphany in the sewers that he can’t rely on his god to always protect him, and that he needs to learn to be a martial fighter.


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