Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 22: Setting Sail

The party decides to go on to Perranala, the capital city of the Dragon Isles, and from there try and get a boat to travel to the Beast Coast without risking going straight through the Lodestone network. Stepping through, they find themselves in a crowded, hot bazaar, a climate only a few of them have experienced before.

Kharl goes looking for a ship, while Urllex looks for a criminal contact to get access to a bow. Lorna and Dakarai spend some time spending coin and drinking with nobles, befriending the affluent Dwarfish noble, Ushar Ungart.

Kharl, dejected by how commerce-driven the city has become, finds his way to the Temple of Sune, where he is revered for his knowledge of the outside world, and is offered a place on a ship going on a pilgrimage out to the outer islands. Urllex finds his contact in Malar’s Throat, a rundown part of the city, and is told of a shipment coming in to town the next evening on the merchant vessel Eat, Pray, Love.

The party gathers in the grand bazaar to continue drinking, and Ushar offers to put everyone up in her manor for the evening, and gives them a job working security on a ship going to the Beast Coast in two days time. Urllex fills Lorna in on the plan, but keeps the others out of it.

The next morning, Dakarai hunts down the ship and makes introductions – slightly too drunk, and doesn’t make the best impression.

Kharl spends the day getting ready for the journey – using up his last favour with the Church of Tymora to ensure Horsetina and Justice find their way back to Espis and loading all their gear onto the ship. Afterwards, he makes his way into the poorer parts of the city, and is happy to see the old ways being practiced.

Lorna and Urllex find a good ambush spot to steal the shipment, and hunt down some accomplices to act as muscle for the job that evening. The four that they hire, three dragonborn and a tiefling, none of them speaking a word of common, agree to meet them that evening. With Lorna up in the rooftops watching carefully, the heist goes off without a hitch, and the group are able to disappear into the night with a chest of gold and Urllex’s prize: rare, enchanted Bracers of Archery.

The next morning, the ship sets sail, out of Perranala harbour and into the chaos of the Outer Reaches. To ready themselves for the journey, Kharl performs a chaosphere scrying ceremony, and with this as a guide, the party divines their path forward..


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