Urllexin Thhuqhith


A tall half-orc, usually wearing rough common clothes, leather armour, and never without a weapon at her side. Often in battle she wields the Laventius Talon, and a plain longbow.


Her favourite sport is human, and her usual business is theft and petty crime.

She is loyal to her friends, up to a point; that point being when riches enter the equation. She sends much of her wealth back to her family who are living in an elven-occupied town called Qhaduth on The Beast Coast.

Much of her childhood was spent further up the coast under the tutelage of her aunt, a sea-witch, who impressed in her the foundations of the magic she uses today. Those were free and easy days, much time spent climbing the cliffs and exploring the coastlands and surf of the white sand beaches.

As a teenager, the elves had begin to push in from the sea, laying down their system of wards, collapsing the possibility spaces for travel, and taking ownership of much of the land, destroying her village’s traditional way of life. It was then that Urllexin began to turn to a life of raiding and running the coastal woods, becoming a ranger of the coast, hunting human and elf invaders alike.

Many of her closest friends laid down their lives as bandits scraping a living for their families, and she thinks she’ll never feel that same close loyalty as with that band of warriors. As the elves pushed in from the sea across the whole coast, and humans ranged further and further into what had been orc territory, and her friends found themselves to be less hunters, and more hunted, she resolved to travel to the human cities and hunt her game on their grounds.

She joined a street gang, and ran wild, murdering, thieving, gaming and drinking late into the nights, but still, she sent her earnings back to her family, dreaming of one day returning with a gang large enough to push the elves back into the sea. She made a good life of it, knocking down doors, intimidating foes, assassinating the odd judge, and always escaping the weak-sighted human cops.

But it wasn’t all easy, in the cities. She found holding on to her pride as a half-orc difficult among the majority human crowd, and became quick to anger when insulted. This maintained a reputation for not tolerating nonsense, but meant she was always in and out of fights – and earned her many scars.

Finally, accepting a run-of-the-mill security escort job for a dwarf, expecting a quiet easy ride out to the country for decent pay, she was dragged into the fateful events that would truly test her skills and mettle.

Urllexin Thhuqhith

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