Kharl Kathvishargolin


Grandfather was exiled as my people abandoned the old ways and took up more ‘civilized’ forms of government.
“Democracy is a sham”
– Granpappy Kharl

Kharl feels this is part of the reason his grandfather fell, as so many had lost faith.
The central islands are connected to the network, the “dwarves” found mithril in some of the volcanoes, and everyone got soft and rich. All the old roosts have been replaced by quarries. These industrial gnomes come like the bad druids, only without the raw chaotic intent. They jet around in their sea-machines, ruining the and polluting the sea

“Some of us hold to the old ways. The others praise the efficiency of this new technology.
We worship dragons because they are cool and big and strong. Turns out a wicked magical cannon is pretty strong too.
I worshiped a dragon because I didn’t have a lot of friends and grandpa was always there (despite being a bastard.)”

“My faith?
It’s getting iffy these days. With so many suffering from a bad case of the ‘wrong god’ is it so just for my mine to dissolve and be replaced by another?”

“Like others of the dragonic faiths my story is carved into every scale. The history that defines me can be read, have you the knowledge.
Unsure of how to define this outside of describing my process I guess?
During meditation, you carve your thoughts and feelings once a day into your flesh. As you get older and moult, your childish scales and feelings fall away.
The general idea is to keep you in the present, focused. After your death, your kin can read your flesh and know who you were. Not in the past, but at the time of your death.
The culmination of a lifetime of rumination and development. "

“It was this process that enabled me to become a cleric after my grandfathers death. By cultivating the same feelings and thoughts recorded on his flesh.
The record does not contain specific events or a time line however, which is why I knew nothing about how they died.
It’s not unlike like pictographic symbols?
The language itself is religious in nature and specific to Rhob and the islands. Other sects will have different dialects. Common dragonfolk will only see you as an apostle without being able to understand, though they know of the practice.”

“I need to learn more. Gradpapy Kharl learned of the outside worlds processes and powers and still lost..”

Kharl Kathvishargolin

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