Hudson Abadeir

A halfling fighter.


A young halfling sell-sword with eager eyes and a lithe and scarred body. Clad in scale armor and wielding a shield and Laventius’ Bane, an ancient and powerful weapon.


22 gold


Born and raised in Merryweather, a small town in the outskirts of Espis, Hudson has spent the last few years adventuring, always keeping an eye out for work. He’s struggled to find well-paying jobs as many possible clients overlook him due to his small size.

A year after leaving home, he was hired by a wealthy duke who saw his potential. The job entailed purifying the duke’s family crypt which turned out to be filled with the ghostly wraiths of his ancestors.
In the crypt, Hudson stumbled across the ancient Laventius family sword.

He recently completed a job to protect a traveling merchant on the way to Highhaven.

Hudson Abadeir

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