“Pretty sweet hair. A face? I think they had a face.”


“Eilyac ae?. What could be said? What words could do justice in describing this kingmaker? Probs words like ‘rad’, and ‘Oooo look at that one! I gots me arms all goosefleshy.’ I think someone said that about me. Hell, I would’ve for sure! Have you seen all this? Damn but I’m good.”
-Eilyac, somepoint in time.

“Not a whole lot is known about Eilyac unfortunately. Legends and tales aren’t common in Graveyard World. Nothing really hangs around long enough for stories to be told. A world with no history. This is what they aimed to change. With a penchant for music and all things poetic, all Eilyac needed was stories to tell. Having grown up with nothing outside of sudo-religious fantasies, they needed to find people worthy of sauntering into the great halls of remembrance. For Eilyac could never play the hero, they weren’t built for that.
Once Eilyac had their stories they would build a college. A place of great learning when folk could choose to learn the songs and folklore found and created by Eilyac.

Though the greatest mystery of all still lies in why we have not seen nor heard of this good school? Where are the bards and the story tellers?

Why do I keep dreaming about this idiot??"
-A bad friend, some time that is probably different to the time mentioned earlier.


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