Mayor Eclectus

Mayor of Gallowdale


A somewhat absent minded old man, who has stayed in power primarily because those who he rules are mostly brawlers and drinkers who consistently vote him in out of concern that a more capable ruler might try to curb their unruly behaviours.


Mayor Eclectus is the mayor of Gallowdale. His reign was relatively uninteresting until he was hypnotised into putting his trust in Magicami, Humble Hank, and Arvahnt, as he needed Magicami’s aptitude for talking to the dead. He tasked the group to find his father’s grave and ask him a simple question. Despite Arvahnt’s attempts to keep the mission on track, the journey was ultimately the start of a hellish series of missteps resulting in a three headed chimera in possession of incredibly powerful weapons which terrorised all who encountered it and almost destroyed The Portal City of Overcairn when it became a Meat Wall.

Mayor Eclectus doesn’t know any of this, though, so he still reigns as mayor, is getting rather annoyed that none of the original party has returned, and rather regrets paying them 100 Gold in advance.

Mayor Eclectus

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