Doug the Chimeramancer

Are you proud of me, dad?


Wielding the Staff of Visceral Integration, Doug was a man to take seriously. Without it, he’s just a sad little man in silly black robes.


The thirteenth son of the great wizard Cherintanos, all Doug wanted was to step out of his fathers shadow by claiming the Abyssal Crown and becoming the greatest Chimeramancer to ever walk the earth – was that so much to ask?

Instead, after a magical duel went horribly wrong, Doug found himself fused at the neck with and charmed into a stupor with the wizard Magicami. When he next regained his wits, he found to his horror that he was part of a giant wall of sentient flesh.

Doug is gone now, thrown into the chaos between worlds. However, fragments of his mind can still be found in the fused within the various chimearan beasts that now call The Fleshwaste home.

Doug the Chimeramancer

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