A shapeshifting spider-druid obsessed with the destruction of the written word


In his human form, Azenkazahel maintained a calm and collected demeanour. In his spider form, he was deadly, a whirling mass of legs and fangs, able to spin webs and spit acid. His Cloak of the Outer Reaches allowed him to transform into a spider in the blink of an eye, making him a dangerous foe indeed.


Azenkazahel came from the chaos, shunning civilisation in favour of the shifting sea that is the outer reaches. When stability and civilisation came to his land in the form of templars of the God of Bloody Light, he swore revenge, destroying their temples and enchanting their workers into believing the word of god still flowed.

Azenkazahel died at the feet of Recrentius, during their quest to forge a new holy book.


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