Atrius Lammergeier

Mountain-born druid with a red feathered beard


Born in the mountains. Second son of Bakurus, one of the eldest druids of the Outer Reaches.

After subconsciously transforming into a red bearded vulture (Lammergeier) at the age of two, Atrius was sent into the mountains alone by Bakurus to attune with the spirits of the area as part of his rite of passage. The Lammergeiers took him in and raised him as one of their own. It was through them that Atrius learned to live off the land and keep himself sustained by nature.

Atrius began the second stage of his rite of passage at the age of twenty two when he took on a quest from a noble who wanted protection on their way to The Portal City of Overcairn in Arkenreln.

It was on this journey that he met Eilyac and Recrentius and they shared blood as part of a ritual to The God of Bloody Light. Knowing nothing of the world outside the mountains of The Outer Reaches, Atrius thought this was a common custom of this part of the world.

Atrius Lammergeier

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