Graveyard World

Prologue Part 1: Shadows in Gallowdale

After a successful day of conning rich travellers out of their money, Magicami set out to get good and drunk at a local dive bar. There, he befriended Arvahnt, a young Vyln who had just left The Nameless Forest for the first time.

Leaving the bar, the pair were cornered by a gang of thugs. After an ungainly getaway attempt that left them both tangled on the ground, Magicami charmed the gang leader, convincing him to lead them to his boss, the Shadow.

Upon entering the back-room of the Shadow’s base of operations, the ruse fell apart, the charmed thugs shaken to awareness. Upon realising the danger they were in Arvahnt decided to shoot first and ask questions later, killing Shadow and two of his men.

After a tense hostage negotiation, Magicami managed to the convince the last of the thugs to leave town, the pair staggered back to the inn, pausing only to loot the lockbox.



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