Graveyard World

Arkenreln Chapter 6: Retaking Overcairn

The party returns to Overcairn, which is a city in chaos. The Caster of Shadows, a mysterious crime lord, has come out of hiding after the creation of the Tantail Tree destroyed the underground network her spies used to transport goods.

The party joins up with resistance fighters, defeats an ambush of the Caster’s shadows, and begins planning a counterattack to retake the castle that the Caster has made her home. While Recrentius whips Overcairn’s soldiers into a religious fervour and leads the army against the massed Shadows, the rest of the party sneaks into the castle in an attempt to cut off the head of the snake.

The party succeeds in their mission, and begins the process of readying the city for an undead invasion from beyond the fleshwastes.



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