Graveyard World

Highhaven-in-Solitude Chapter 2: All Problems Can Be Solved Permanently By Killing Gods With Almost No Provication

After successfully infiltrating Jaitus Kalo’s forces, the party, joined by a local druid, Vulptic, discover Kalo’s true plan. Kalo, who has rejected godhood, intends to break into the ice dome which acts as a portal to the realm of Xaviara created by the impact of the Abyssal Crown and use the power of his Lastember ring to steal the gods power for mankind.

Breaking away from Kalo’s forces after their ruse fails, the party escapes into the portal, finding themselves in a dense steamy jungle. At the center of the jungle, they find an ancient rusted city, suspended by chains over an abyss, and they crawl over it, enter the castle, and face a weakened Xaviara.

Humble Hank, previous wearer of the Abyssal Crown, breaks his mental chains to Xaviara and kills the god, ruining Kalo’s plans and destroying any influence that the crown still had upon him.

Upon leaving the city, the party was captured by, and quickly befriended by, a tribe of orcs that called the jungle home. After a night of feasting, the party partook in a hallucinogenic mixture designed to create a berserker wrath, and when they all came to they were on the front lines of a battle between the orc tribes and Jaitus Kalo’s forces.

The party dived into battle, eventually engaging Kalo himself. After an intense fight, Kalo, ceding defeat, swore vengeance on the party and accepted the godhood he had been rejecting, entering Ascension. Though worried for what this might mean in the future, the party celebrated their victory, and their recovery of the device Kalo was using to hold Highhaven’s lodestone portal closed.

The party returned to Highhaven, where connection to the outside world was re-established, and the party were revered as heroes.



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