Graveyard World

Highhaven-in-Solitude Chapter 1: Two Men Fall From the Sky, Ruining Everything For Everyone

Breaking the stillness of a cold, icy evening, Magicami and Humble Hank fall from the sky leaving great trails of fire in their wake. When they come to, they are alone in an icy wasteland, with no memory of recent events.

Hours earlier, the sellsword Hudson Abadeir, knocked prone in a bloody ambush while working as a bodyguard in the city of Highhaven witnesses a group of robed figures take control of the crystal lodestone at the center of the city, teleporting it from the subtropical Espis onto an unknown glacier.

After rescuing Magicami and Hank and leading them into the city, Hudson reports to the city council, who task him with hunting down a powerful amulet that is required for the lodestone to work, before the city freezes and starves. The trio scour the city, which is tearing itself apart looking for food, warmth, and someone to blame and eventually use a magical compass fashioned from Hudson’s ancestral sword to home in on the location of the magical amulet.

Travelling deep into the old keeps beneath Highhaven, the trio suprise, overpower and take the robes of a pair of powerful mages. Sneaking into what appears to be a base of operations, Magicami is terrified to recognise the powerful Archmage Jaitus Kalo as the leader of the mages. Maintaining their disguises, the trio load up a caravan with magical equipment and supplies and ride along with the group as they leave, carving a route deep into the ice that now surrounds the city.

After emerging from the icy tunnel, the party sees the caravans destination – a Crystal meteorite that has crashed into the glacier not far from the city. A icy spire that seems to be rebuilding itself, even as they approach it…



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