Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 6.5: Isle Rhob

While staying the with the Bullywugs during the events of Chapter 6, the bullywug druid Kermshug leads Urllexin to a secluded saltwater lake, telling her that in the waters, people who need it can sometimes see a road into ascension. In the waters, Kharl sees the shadowy reflection of Isle Rhob, his grandfathers home and the old temple of his God.

Urllex, transforming for the first time into a Manta Shark, leads the others into the water, and helps them cross over into ascension. They find themselves on a dark beach, the torches of the temple of Rhobsarendor burning high across the water from them.

The party searches for a boat, finding a hamlet stripped clean of materials. Urllexin tracks some clawprints back to a trible of kobolds living in the woods east of the hamlet. The kobolds revealed that they had only taken the goods after the hamlet was deserted, and revealed that the temple to the north had been overrun by “faceless giants.” Kharl says that they aim to destroy these faceless horrors, and the kobolds support their effort by offering powerful arrows and a shallow-hull boat.

Crossing the water, the party makes thier way up the cliffs towards the statue-garden that sits on the plateau below Rhobs temple. Lorna, sick of being soaking wet, takes the stairs, while Kharl sheds his armor and takes Urllex with him to scale the cliff from the ocean side. Kharl suprises and throws a faceless guardian off of the cliff, to be eaten by Urllex in shark-form. This brings the other guardians, faceless dragonborn acolytes, out of their stupor, and a melee begins. Urllex leaps her way up the cliff, vine-whipping one of the creatures off of the edge, while Kharl and Lorna engage them in melee combat, making short work of the acolytes, who crumble into salt, while another guardian is torn to shreds by vines summoned by Urllex. While they rest, and Kharl re-equips his armour, Lorna notes that all of the carvings on the various monuments are either written in gibberish or blank.

Climbing to the temple itself, Kharl faces a simulacra of his mother and father, dressed in full paladin armour, along with the temples guardian drake, Brine. Lorna assaults the guardians from the rafters, killing Brine with a single arrow through the skull, and weakening Kharls mother to the point that Urlex could easily finish her with a vine-whip. In a vengeful rage, Kharl obliterates the simulacra of his father with a necrotic blast.

Sensing his grandfather in the next room, Kharl leaves the temple and enters the caldera of the islands volcano, where he finds his grandfather imprisoned in a pillar of salt. While they reunite, Lorna and Urllex quickly peruse Kharl the Elders study, finding amongst the hundred of blank tomes a couple of powerful scrolls.

Kharl the Elder reveals that while he has ascended, the primal spirit of Old Rhob is trapped on the material plane, unable to ascend without a ritual. Kharl tasks the party with finding Rhob, and taking him to Skypeircer temple, for which they will need a map, and then conducting a ritual to allow him to ascend properly. Kharl the Elder then leaves for the astral reflection of skypeircer temple, telling Kharl that everything would be explained when he knows it is safe to do so.

As the sun rises, the party returns to the ocean, and re-enters the bullywug grove through the reflection in the water.



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