Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 6: Cragmaw Castle

The party spends some time recuperating at Old Owl Well. Varyk, banished to an otherworldly waiting room by his demonic patron, is summarily returned with a mission – find the Drow responsible for attacking him and teleporting Varyk to Espis in the first place. After Dakarai identifies from a scroll that the priest they had defeated was preparing the outpost for a ritual of displacement, the party spent some time clearing the symbols and reversing the spell.

The party stumbles upon a boarded up entrance to the keep below Old Owl Well, and finds signs of a struggle and a shattered mechanism. After reactivating the mechanism, the party opens an iron portal, revealing a chute that falls down into inky, wet darkness. After much deliberation, the party closes the portal, closes the entrance, and leaves a note for future adventurers to keep clear.

The party leaves Old Owl Well to meet with the banshee Agatha, travelling down a rough path hewn into the side of a canyon into the heavily wooded lowlands.

Upon meeting with Agatha, Kharl fails to calm the banshee, and in a fit of righteousness, banishes Agatha from her home. While the party wondered what to do next, Agatha returned, conjuring up images of destruction and causing all but Dakarai and Kharl to flee. Dakarai watches on in horror as Kharl is almost killed by Agatha’s shriek, before the banshee and her home disappear entirely.

Feeling a pull towards the nearby swamp by the roots in her rucksack, Lorna and Urllexin lead the party down into the nearby swamp, where they come across signs of destruction, strikingly similar to the damage done to Lorna’s homeland. The party makes contact with a tribe of Bullywugs, who’s town was destroyed, and Urllexin manages to strike up a conversation with the tribes Druid, who imparts that the town was destroyed by armoured mercenaries wielding silvered weapons. Lorna gifts the roots in her bag to the swamp, growing a new cluster of mangroves to the delight and relief of the Bullywugs. One of the trees gifts Lorna the Flowering Bow, as a sign of thanks.

Leaving the swamp, the party spends another night at Old Owl Well, in preparation for a two day journey to Cragmaw Castle. After an uneventful trip along the edge of the canyon, the party arrives at the castle just as a storm is beginning to strike. Posing as an agent of the Black Spider, Varyk leads Urllex and Kharl into the castle as prisoners, while Lorna and Dakarai stealthily scale the side of the castle. Unguarded and inside the castle, the party quietly makes their way inside, finding the sword of Hudson Abadeir in the process.

Hearing chanting coming from inside the old chapel, Kharl leads a savage attack on a group of Goblin worshippers lead by the Goblin priest Lhupo, while Dakarai and Lorna make their way along the walls of the castle and into a precarious ruined tower on the western side.

Both groups are now inside the castle, separated from each other by a blacked-out section of the former chapel, the party gears up for an attack on something that they can hear lurking in the darkness…



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