Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 5: Arborox

The party arrives at Arborox, finding it abandoned except for zombies and monsters. In an abandoned inn, the Brown Horse, Dakarai identified a symbol of Xaviara hewn into the floor, indicating that the town had fallen prey to absolute despair, desperately trying anything to stay bound together after the collapse.

Finally tracking down the druid Reidoth, the party made some concerning discoveries – Kharl, that his god Rhobsarendor died long ago, raising the question of whom he was communing with, Lorna, that the skull she has been carrying around was in fact a construct, a result of modern, state-of-the-art runecraft, and that Urllexin had suppressed memories of being sent to the beast coast because she showed promise as a druid. The party also received the final piece of the map required to hunt down Cragmaw castle, and hopefully rescue Rockseeker.

Unsure of their capacity to defeat the creatures of Arborox and drive off its resident dragon, the party struck out for Cragmaw castle, with the aim of stopping off at Old Owl Well along the way. Arriving at the abandoned watchtower, the party ran afoul of a priest of the Bloody Light and his undead servants, who was at the watchtower to somehow ‘claim’ it for the church.

Immediately striking, the party successfully defeated the priest, though his undead servants (and their disembodied, scuttling hands) were a tough adversary. Dakarai pulled a book off the priests body that seemed to describe the ritual he was undertaking in detail. Taking a brief rest in the abandoned tower, the party readied themselves for their next task – communing with the banshee Agatha.



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