Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 4: Glasstaff

Without warning, Varyk’s demonic patron captures him and pulls his struggling body through a flaming portal, at the same time plucking the parties memory of him out of thier heads.

Unperturbed, the rest of the party breaks down the door to Glasstaff’s labratory, finding it deserted. Determining that Glasstaff has fled, the party tracks him to the entrance of the dungeon, where he is swiftly disabled by Lorna.

Kharl delivers the unconcious wizard to Hudson, who reveals that the wizard is Iarno Albrek, a wizard of the Crossroad Knights that Hudson was sent to seek out. Meanwhile, the party, searching for Qelline Alderleaf and her son, engages the Nothic, unaware of the deal the creature made with Varyk. Quick thinking by Darakrai and Lorna saw the creature crushed under a rock, deep in a ravine, where the party also discovered a chache of treasure, including an enchanted Laventius family sword of considerable power.

Hearing voices calling out from an unexplored passage, Kharl follows a corridor into the old Laventius crypt, where he is attacked by three skeletons. He manages to turn two of them, but is incapacitated by the last, before the rest of the party returned to rescue him.

Exploring the crypt, the party found a hidden prison and saved the trapped halfling and her son, who Lorna helped return home. Meanwhile, Urllexin and Dakarai searched Glasstaffs belongings, finding evidence of his betrayal, and returned this evidence to Hudson.

Hudson, overwhelmed by the discovery of Iarno’s betrayal and the revelation that he was the heir to the Laventius Estate (from a note found within the recently discovered sword), tasked the party with hunting down the rest of the hobgoblins and putting an end to the Black Spider.

With a few leads to follow, the party bought two horses and a cart, and headed out of town, making for Arborox, to hunt down the druid Lorna has been searching for.



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