Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 18: Tensions, Confrontations, Rebellion

The party visits Gamble Silverthread in his office in order to retrieve his promised House of Stars Seal for delivering him Bojangles spellbook. He thanks the party and offers them a reward of a potion, a scroll, and a vape rig. While he is briefly distracted by a spell going off outside his window, Lorna pinches a letter that caught her eye – an invitation from the Independent Artificers Guild to the Wizard of Wines Winery in the Portal City of Castien, a month from now. As they are leaving Silverthreads office, one of his demons identifies Varyk as a man that Kyuss has been searching for.

In the first year dorms, tempers are high, and the students are starting to congregate along class lines. Chaddeus is attacked and beaten for not being a citizen of the Inner Ring. Tensions come to a head in that evenings vaping showdown, soundly won through the team effort of Dakarai and Lorna, when the Outer Ring students are ambushed by a force led by Professor Pilwiken, much to the horror of his son, Wrenn. Kharl and Urllexin break through the magical trap and confront Pilwiken, who retreats when Kharl forces him to cough up sand by weaponising his knowledge of the House of Cloaks.

The party leads the first years out of the trap through a secret entrance discovered by Varyk, and regroup in the sewers. Sickened by his fathers behavour, Wrenn gives the party the third and final seal they need. Kharl teaches the students to repeat the mantra about the fourth house without them trying to understand it, allowing them to weaponise it further to incapacitate those that would harm them. Pog leads the students to take first year dorm, driving out the Inner Ring students.

The attack on the first years leads to the expelling of a large amount of sand, with accretes into the form of Lillen Shadowcloak, hunting Naivara, who has reappeared, attracted by the fighting. As Lillen goes to strike, Varyk summons a magic circle around Lillen, trapping her sand form within, using up the last of his amulets protection magic in the process.

Trapped within the circle, Lillen reveals a portion of her plan to break a set of seals located deep within her fortress, when Kharl unwittingly reveals to her a clue (a clue tied to Urllex’s past). Lillen asks the party what they know of Deep Sashelas, and is intrigued when the party seems confused by this.Finally, Lillen reveals herself to be none other than a fragment of Naivara Belanor, much to the distress and confusion of the Naivara outside of the circle.

The evil Naivara dissapates, while the good Naivara asks the party to hurry to the Crystal Spire and find the essence of Sand within before she does. She tells the party to leave Highhaven and find Jasper Goodbarrel, who would lead them to where they need to go.

The party, realising that they need to confront Leto in order to leave via the main gate, asks Pog to gather Ravencrow and Kirk. Khark calls Leto out, and after a few minutes of frantic shouting, Leto emerges, shrouded in magical energy. Kirk and Ravencrow appear, flanked by a suprising asset – the thirty three mages that gave Kirk her nickname, freed and ready to take part in open rebellion.

Outnumbered, and knowing that any conflict would lead to the Inner Ring cleansing the entire school anyway, Leto chooses to help the rebellion and begins making for the Lodestone to head off the inevitable Inner Ring reinforcements.



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