Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 16: The Weasley Child

The party wakes to find the university on lockdown, and rumors that Halfhand is turning over the school hunting for a group that attacked him in the night.

Kharl gives himself up, intending to confront Halfhand, but is intercepted and the party is taken before Professor Kirk. She instructs the party to keep a low profile. Kharl confronts her about the hidden School of Cloaks, leading to Kirk vomiting sand and forcibly expelling Kharl from the room.

The party skirts across the banned central courtyard to the main university building, intending to hand over Bojangles spellbook to Gamble Silverthread. They get sidetracked when they find him with Professor Ravencrow in the basement, dealing with an overflowing mess of weasley looking children.

Denying all knowledge of why this would be happening, Ravencrow sends the party into the sewers once again, to finally discover the source of the creatures. In the sewers, the party follows a trail of homonculi to the source, a burst pipe leading into an ancient part of the school.

Fighting their way through a sea of mutant schoolboys, the party makes their way into the mutants sanctum.



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