Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 14: The Three Seals

Visiting Bloodcrow Ravencrow, Kharl and Lorna learn that the student she refers to as ‘the weasley looking boy’ was entrusted with a powerful resurrection amulet on the account of his family being rich and students dying all the time. Apparently the amulet has backfired somehow, and humunculus copies of the boy have been appearing in the sewers ever since. Ravencrow attempts to wipe the parties memories, but is unable to as a powerful spell has already been cast on them. Deciding instead to work with the group, Ravencrow promises the use of the House of Coins Seal as payment for quietly dealing with ‘the weasley problem.’ Leaving the office, Kharl is accosted by Wimple Womble (no relation), who tells him to stay away from the sewer and not to nark to the faculty about what is happening down there.

While this is happening, Varyk, Dakarai and Urllex go to confront Leto Halfhand about his strange behaviour – blanking Varyk completely and ignoring the party in general – in the past week. Upon being cornered, Leto is unable to deal with the existence of the party, vomiting sand uncontroliably and crying out for them to leave. The group engages Halfhand in combat, but before any damage can be done, a swarm of mephits cohalese out of the sand and decend on the party. They wake up, remembering very little, except for Urllex, who vividly remembers the event and re-explains it to the group, hypothesising that something is being done to them that is affecting their memories.

Putting this aside for the meantime, the party splits up, with Urllex going to class to attempt to get some answers out of the divination teacher, while the rest of the party goes into the sewer to look for the weasley boy. Finding their way deep into the sewers, the party stumbles upon Wimple Wombles humunculus fighting arena, where he has been secretly forcing the weasley boys to fight at night. Taking his prize weasley, the party uses him to find thier way down to the source, a vast copper boiler that seems to be producing the homunculi at a steady rate. Blocking the boiler exhaust, the party returns to the surface to wait for the weasleys to start emerging elsewhere.

Urllex stops in her search for a teacher when she notices tracks in the snow – sandy tracks. Chasing down her prey, she discovers the creature she has been hunting is an elven woman who recognises Urllex and calls her by name before passing out. Taking her back to the dorm, the party exchanges stories and waits for her to regain consciousness.

The elf reveals herself to be Naivara Belanor, member of the House of Cloaks, a house that originally ran the school but has been secreted away by Lillen Shadowcloak’s powerful magic. The party remembers now – a few weeks ago, they made an attempt on Lillen’s fortress, but they were ambushed by mephits and overwhelmed. Thus began their brainwashed careers as first year wizards in training.

Naivara raises another option – accessing Lillen’s realm using the the Crystal Spire, which is currently locked and can only be accessed by receiving three seals, one from each House.

With a new sense of purpose, the party approaches Gamble Silverthread of the House of Lights, who hints that there is a demon haunting the library at present who may or may not be there as an imposition to a group of inquistitors from the church of Tymora, who have heard that the library contains the spellbook of Bojangles. He mentions that retrieving the book, which has caused so many issues, would indeed be worthy of a seal.

Leaving Silverthreads office, the party bangs again runs into local bully Wimple Womble (no relation). Wimple is furious that the party has disrupted their underground humunculus fighting ring, and demands that Lorna face him in a final vape-off to decide who rules the school.

Leaving this for now, the party sneaks into the forbidden part of the library – a nightmare maze without logic or gravity – and leaps through traps while avoiding the fists of a large, angry demon. Locating the place where the heard, weeks ago, Bojangles spellbook was stored, the party activates a secret door, revealing a hidden, mazelike dungeon beyond…



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