Graveyard World

Espis Chapter 13: I Love Wizard School

The party wakes up, excited for their first day at wizard school. Only a few of them have memories indicating that anything might be amiss. Walking to orientation, the party is introduced to a number of fellow magic students, including their roommate Pog Oomtrowel, resident jock Chaddeus Gimlen, and the dragonborn noble Greethen Firahel.

Over the course of the first week, the party begins to realise that something is very wrong – they are obviously ill equiped to be attending wizard school, and thinking certain thoughts leads to the coughing up of gritty sand – the same sand that Urllexin has been tracking around the school, unable to locate the source. Skipping class to investigate the school, Dakarai stumbles upon a note that seems to have fallen out of his own robes;

“Wait until dark. Meet S.R. Wear the clothes he gives you. Meet under Glain at midnight. We prepare and make for L.”

After the first week of school, the party has barely learned any spells, and their inconsistent behaviour is starting to worry Pog, who doesn’t want to be lumped in with ‘the bad kids.’ On the first day of rest since school started, the group attends an underground vape party in the sewers below the first year dormitories, where Kharl engineers events so that Pog is able to prove himself as a party animal and cement himself within the student culture.

Deciding to see if the sewers connect to the library through the sewers for some midnight studying, Kharl and Dakarai leave the party and set out on their own. In a long stretch of sewer tunnel, they run into a strange sight – a young student wandering by himself. The boy looks up and mutters a single word: “scabbers!”

After this strange event, the pair reach the library and are promptly caught and kicked out by the librarian, Silent Randy – potentially the mysterious “S.R” mentioned in the note Dakarai found.

The week continues on as normal, with Dakarai missing the most classes, much to the irritation of his bunkmate Pog. Skipping class once again, Dakarai confronts Silent Randy with the note later that week, and Randy reveals a set of visitors robes that had been in his office – the robes that the party were wearing when the first arrived at the school. Independently, Urllexin leaves the dorms at nights, and identifies the ‘Glain’ from the note – an ancient carving of one of Highhavens founders. Unfortunately, she walks directly into the statue of Magicami, and is forced to run back to bed without investigating further.

After one particular class with the necromancer Bloodcrow Ravencrow, the teacher casually asks the students that any information relating to the wherabouts of a ‘weasley looking boy’ wandering in the sewers should be reported directly to her, in her office…



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