Graveyard World

Arkenreln Chapter 5: Returning to Overcairn

Arvahnt awakens in the mountains one morning after a prophetic vision. Reciting it to the party, the group becomes concerned that a lich has revived the powerful chimeramancer Cherintanos with the intent of marching on Overcairn. Consulting the Book of Laws, Recrentius concludes from this that the phylactery Arvahnt possesses simply taps into a greater well of power concealed somewhere else, and makes a vow to destroy Cherintanos.

The party is cautious in returning directly to Overcairn, taking the opportunity to stop in the town of Norge to recuperate, forge new armour and weapons, and prepare. Eilyac visits his old friend Silent Randy with Atrius to learn all he can from the Atlas of Arkenreln, and picks up the gist of the language after a couple of weeks of study. Sacer the Irascible uses the down time to drink, gamble and generally carouse around the run-down town, picking up rumours that Overcairn is in a bad state, overtaken by a criminal cartel run by the mysterious Caster of Shadows.

With the threat of Cherintanos looming, the party finishes their preparations and begins the long journey back to Overcairn, travelling overland to avoid bandits on the road. After a small skirmish with a trained Boarcupine on the main road, the way is clear to re-enter the city, and see what new dangers it holds.



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