Graveyard World

Arkenreln Chapter 1: Wall of Flesh

Atrius and Eilyac, drinking at a local bar, are joined by the mysterious Paladin Recrentius, who has received visions of a horrifying event about to take place. Going outside, they see a city besieged by horrifying, gibbering flying crow monsters.

Travelling to the edge of the city, they see an oncoming wall of flesh of unknown origin. Recrentius’s God tells them that they need to enter the wall and destroy its core. With the help of some local mages, the group makes their way into creature, which is covered in thousands of faces, all calling themselves Doug.

After fighting their way through the guts of the creature, they find themselves in a ruined cathedral, which they realise is a area of Ascension. At the core of the temple, they find the ruined bodies of Magicami and Hank, bound together with the Staff of Visceral Integration and the Abyssal Crown. During the battle, Recrentius is delivered a mortal injury, and comes face-to-face with their god, the God Of Bloody Light. The god takes Recrentius’s book, but gives them life again, and tells them their true purpose – to rebind the Book of Laws and spread the word of God. Coming to, Recrentius knocks the crown from the head of the monstrosity, and the crown, staff, Magicami and Hank are pulled into the void, bound together and screaming for eternity.

The party escapes the crumbling flesh wall, which has already begun to rot and calcify.



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