Graveyard World

The events that happened in Arkenreln during the battle with Cherintanos and the Lich are muddy, but had a few obvious effects on the world at large.

While the Lich was defeated, it appears that Cherintanos managed to ascend, becoming a shapeshifting, undead god that continues to be a source of fear for the entire world. Atrius, unwilling to let this stand, left on a journey to master a new form of shapeshifting and to find a way to destroy Cherintanos for good.

Gripped by religious ecstasy, the armies of Overcairn declared Recrentius the true ruler of Arkenreln and the High Prophet of the God of Bloody Light, and have since began transforming the realm into a religious state.

Arvahnt, disgusted by this turn of events, channeled the power of The Gnarl and severed Arkenreln’s connection to the Nameless Forest, returning it to the Outer Reaches, where she remains as it’s protector to this day.

Nobody quite knew what became of Eilyac, who seemed to be pulled into a dark portal at a pivotal point during the fighting, seconds after preventing the Lich from casting a dark spell on the lodestone of Overcairn. Many of those who were close to death during the fighting noted that they saw his grinning face in their dreams, seconds before being stabalised or healed.

Either through political or mystical means, the supplies of Negative Energy from Arkenreln dried up, meaning that anti-magical devices throughout the lodestone network quickly became far harder to maintain, leading to a golden age for arcane trickery.



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